Thursday, January 18, 2007

50,000 Profile Views for R2K

Of all the profile pages in this directory, it would appear that the one for R2K may be the most popular. He just passed 50,000 profile views. Congratulations, this is pretty impressive for a profile page!

What's his secret? I don't know, but I suspect that it may have something to do with his five great blogs. I wont tell you what they are. You will have to visit his profile to see the list. Doing so will allow you to play a small role in helping him achieve 100,000 profile views. I wonder how long it will take.


ruffle said...

I believe he has some sort of program where he leaves random comments on people's blogs. I, for one, have had over four spam comments from this guy. The only thing they say is ":)"...I am sure other people have had the same thing happening to them.

Thabet said...

well in all cases Coungratulation for him :)
next time i wish we will see
100 000 ;)

Gaurav said...

Congratulations for these much Profile views.:)

R2K said...

Thanks for your vote of confidence ruffle. I try to read as many blogs as possible, even if only once as I move along. Since I dont have the time to comment on each, I can either skip them totally, or leave a smile which is better than nothing.

From now on I will just not say anything at your blog. Opps, it dodnt exist anymore. :)