Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Do You Need Word Verification?

To word verify or not to word verify? That is a question.

Skittles of Skittles' Place has challenged her readers to remove word verification for a week. I'm trying it and have been pleased with the results, so far. Word verification has its place in preventing spam, but it's also inconvenient and can reduce the number of legitimate comments that you receive. Some people need it, but many don't. The only way to tell is to give it a try.

If you try it and like the results, you may want to thank Skittles for the idea. I'd also enjoy hearing how it works for you.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

thanks from the bottom of my heart!

ugyen said...

Daniel..i don't think word verification is needed.. i did remove from my site as well..!! Just and Thought mate!!

Donna said...

Okie-dokie, I turned mine off. We'll see if spam overtakes me.

Laura said...

I don't use word verification. I took it off about a year ago. With just moderation I am doing fine. No comments get through without my approval and people don't have to try to read those squiggly letters just to say hello in my blog.