Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Plans for the Future

Well, this blog is only five days old and we already have 14 listings. I'm pretty pleased with that. I wanted to let you know about some of my plans for the future.

I don't think that the sidebar will be big enough for the directory. I plan on having one page for each letter of the alphabet. Everyone will be listed on these pages. A reasonable amount of bloggers will also be listed in the sidebar. Each letter heading will contain a link to the complete listing on a separate page. (The structure will be somewhat similar to what you see at The Bestest Blog of All-Time)

I will make my decisions on who gets in the sidebar, based on several factors. I will give preference to those who link to this site. (I want to say again that a reciprocal link is not necessary to get listed in this directory, but it may make you available for some extra benefits) I will also give preference to those who have an informative profile or excellent content on their blog(s). I may offer awards to bloggers from time to time and these will probably make it to the sidebar.

Randomness may also play a role. I may occasionally rotate bloggers in and out of the sidebar to make it interesting.

I would like your input on the alphabetical pages. I think I may add some additional content at the bottom of the list. I am thinking of something like little descriptions of interesting people and things that start with the same letter. This may draw some attention away from the listings, but it might also make the page rank better with the search engines if it is more than a mundane list of links. It might also contribute to the browsing experience and draw more people to the site. I invite your comments as I haven't made any firm decisions yet.

I have some ideas on how to help you get links to individual articles in your blogs. One idea is to list some articles that I find interesting from listed bloggers.I think I will do that now. Here are four articles that you may enjoy.

What Makes a Plant Rare? A botanist takes a simple question and provides a complex answer.
Spray Paint Artist You have to see this video to believe it.
Sproose Beta A discussion of a new social search engine.
Random Blog Button Well, not really an article. It's more of a tool. A random blog is only a click away.

Don't forget to leave a comment to get your profile page listed before you go gallivanting around the blogosphere.


The Bizarre Jokester said...

This is one hell of an idea! Thanks for the offer! I accept!


I'll link back to you too!

The Bizarre Jokester said...

By The Way - congrats on becoming Bestest Blog of the Day!
Keep up the good work!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well alrighty then this sounds like a good idea. i will link you and we shall see what happens my friend...... bee