Monday, January 1, 2007

Some Guidelines that Most People can Ignore

The submission process for adding your profile page can be as easy as leaving a comment saying "add me". (If you are a registered commenter and the name on the comment is a link to your profile page.)

There may be occasional difficulties like questionable content that may prevent your profile page from being listed. There may be other issues that I will address as they come up. I reserve the right to not list profile pages for any reason, although it will likely be pretty rare for me to refuse a submission.

An obvious question is what constitutes a profile page. I don't have a complete answer at this time. If you have a blogger blog, then the profile page is the page that comes with your blogger account. Click here to see an example.

There are a lot of other blogging platforms, so I may have to decide submissions on a case by case basis. I ask that a profile page says something about the blogger and have at least one link to a blog authored or co-authored by the blogger. If your blogging platform doesn't offer a profile page, I may accept a blog post that serves as a profile page and otherwise meets my requirements. You may want to use a blogger profile page as a guideline for setting up your homemade profile page.

This opportunity is only for bloggers. I will not accept profile pages from traditional websites in the main directory. You may still leave a comment, if you wish, with a link to your profile page. It's possible that it may eventually get listed in a supplemental directory at this site.

In order to get in the main directory your profile page must be in English and your blogs must have English content. I may provide a supplemental directory for foreign language profiles if there is enough demand for it, so feel free to leave a comment either way.

If you are a minor, please make sure that it is OK with your parent or guardian to be listed in this directory. I may refuse to provide certain identifying information for people that I know are minors, especially if this information isn't already listed on their profile page.

I will try to provide more precise guidelines as time goes by. In the meantime feel free to leave comments about any questions or concerns that you may have.


Skittles said...

OoOOOoo.. add me, add me!!!

Smalltown RN said...

Add me too!!!!

Happy New Years!!

Little church guy said...

Add me as well

Gary Steele said...

Me the whole concept of it man!!!

..and a Happy Nu Year man!!!

Lizza said...

Hi Daniel,

I came over from Bond's Big Leather Couch today. My profile page isn't quite stellar *grin* but can you add me to your directory anyway? Thanks!

Kimberley J Robinson said...

...Would very much like to be added. Thanks!