Friday, January 12, 2007

The Second List of Firsts

I would like you to think that this list was compiled after exhaustive research. Generally, however, I have merely listed the first blogger to come to my attention in a certain category. Many of the listings resulted from reader comments.

First Canadian blogger, Heather in Beautiful British Columbia
First blogger defined by what she isn't, Not Fearing Change
First 911 dispatcher, Linda
First sketchblogger, Jeanette Langmead
First fractal artist, Robot_Gir
First billionare blogger, Debonaire Billionaire
First blogger to offer exercise in exchange for comments, Sunflower
First bilingual nuclear ornithologist, Dirk_Star
First Bhutanese blogger, Ugyen Dorji
First blogger with an accent ague in her last name, Lexa Roséan
First blogger to correctly identify, in a comment, this mark as an accent ague, Peanut
First blogger to make more than one first list, Peanut (also the first to be listed twice in the same list (see what one comment can do))
First blogger to incorrectly identify, in a comment, that fancy mark above the "e" as a fancy mark above the "e", Dr. Blogstein
First uncle blogger, Uncle Artemis
First blogger name to cause a particular type of confusion, Skeet (See this article for clarification.)
First Mad Scientist blogger
First listing to be shared by two bloggers, Chelle and Chel

I'm not sure yet if there will be another list of firsts, but there's no harm in describing yourself in your comments. You never know what kind of list you might end up on. Even if you don't make a list, you will likely be noticed by other commenters.

See also the first list of firsts.


Mad Scientist said...

Thank you for the recognition!

R2K said...

Great progress.

chumly said...

At last a blog to end in the word first.

skeet said...

Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much!)for giving me that special niche, and for linking my post, too!

I'd also like to thank my brother, all of the kids who tormented me as a child and all of the rappers who have plagerized my name!

ugyen said...

Daniel..thanks man, that was awesome!!!

Princess Haiku said...

Princess Haiku is written by a ghost who is a haiku poet. I wonder if that is a first? Thanks for the link.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Pisces Iscariot is first in The Far Queue