Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Great Idea from the Directory

I never know what I'm going to run across while I'm updating this directory. I came across Debonaire Billionaire's blog and found a link to this site listed under the title "Blogger Buddies".

I had considered placing a small list of profile page links in the sidebar of one of my other blogs. I thought I might call it something like "A List of Profile Page Links", but when I saw the term "Blogger Buddies", I knew that was what I would call it.

I already have a blogroll, but I thought it would be fun to have a link list of some profiles that are particularly interesting or refer to bloggers that I have known for some time or who have a lot of great blogs.

At the bottom is a link for the complete list that takes a person here. I'm hoping that people will click on that and think, "Wow, look at all the blogger buddies this guy has. Maybe, I too can become a blogger buddy."

Well, I'll give it a try. If anyone else wants to try this, I'd be curious to hear how it works out.

Note: I plan on publishing a second list of firsts on Friday, January 12. Click here to see the first list of firsts.


Asara said...

Not sure where I go to sign up.. is this good enough? :) Skittles sent me!

crpitt said...

Blogger buddies sounds good;
also i have heard the term 'bloggies' which i quite like.
I use the term Repeat Offenders!lol!

crpitt said...

Oh just seen the 2007 'bloggies' post! so cant use that one.