Thursday, January 4, 2007

A Small Change of Format

Griffin, Bobby I mean Bobby Griffin suggested that I try listing people's first names first. I thought, but that's not how telephone directories or other alphabetical lists do it. It didn't take long to realise, however, that he was right. It's much better for the search engines if a name is listed in the order it is likely to be typed into a search engine. Besides, most people are submitting some sort of screen name or first name only. The last name first listings were beginning to look a little silly in that context.

If you can't find your listing, it may be that it was just moved to a different location. Try searching for it with the first letter of your first name. I hope this new format will work better for everyone.


Pickled Eel said...

Hi Daniel,
It sure hasn't taken long to get that traffic up there. There has been a minor gremlin with my submissin - I see it listed under Cornerstone - I was wondering if you could pop it under Pickled Eel please. Many thanks.

Daniel Thompson said...

Sure thing, sorry about that. I like Pickled Eel better, although it has been a while since I've indulged in this tasty treat.